Character Name: M3D-1C
Species: Droid
Career: Technician
Specialization Trees: Mechanic/Doctor
Soak: 2(4)
Defense: 0
Wound Threshold: 12
Strain Threshold: 12


Brawn: 1
Agility: 2
Intellect: 3
Cunning: 1
Willpower: 2
Presence: 1

General Skills

Skill Name Key Characteristic Career? Ranks
Astrogation Int X 1
Athletics Br 0
Charm Pr 0
Coerce Will 0
Computers Int X 1
Cool Pr X 1
Coordination Ag X 0
Deceit Cun 0
Discipline Will X 1
Leadership Pr 0
Mechanics Int X 2
Medicine Int X 2
Negotiation Int 0
Perception Cun X 1
Pilot – Planet Ag X 1
Pilot – Space Ag X 1
Resilience Br X 0
Skulduggery Cun X 1
Stealth Ag 0
Streetwise Cun 0
Survival Cun 0
Surveillance Int X 1
Vigilance Will 0

Combat Skills

Skill Name Key Characteristic Career? Ranks
Brawl Br X 0
Gunnery Ag 0
Melee Br 0
Ranged – Light Ag 0
Ranged – Heavy Ag 0

Knowledge Skills

Skill Name Key Characteristic Career? Ranks
Core Worlds Int 0
Education Int X 0
Lore Int 0
Outer Rim Int 0
Underworld Int 0
Xenology Int 0
Other Int 0


Name Rank Function Page
Surgeon 2 Adds ranks to wounds recovered on medical checks 45
Stim Application 1 Make an average medicine check – on success one engaged ally gains 1 point to a single characteristic at the cost of 4 strain suffered 45
Grit 1 Each rank of grit adds +1 to strain threshold 45
Resolve 1 When the character involuntarily suffers strain, reduce that number by 1 for each rank of resolve. To a minimum of 1. 45
Toughened 1 Each rank of grit adds +1 to wound threshold 61
Enduring 1 (Granted by species) Each rank adds 1 to soak value 97
Gearhead 1 Remove one setback die per rank of gearhead from all mechanics rolls. Halve the cost of modifying attachments 61
Solid Repair 1 Each rank repairs 1 additional point of hull integrity on repair checks 61
Redundant Systems 1 Make an easy mechanics check to harvest materials from a functioning device to repair a similar device without breaking the functioning device 61
Fine Tuning 1 When reducing starship or vehicle strain reduce 1 additional point of strain for each rank of fine tuning 61

Gear and Equipment

Max Encumbrance: 6
Total Encumbrance: 6


Weapon Damage Crit Range Special Encumbrance
Light Blaster Pistol 5 4 Medium Stun setting. Average perception check to notice if concealed 1

Other Gear

Item Encumbrance Special
Medpack 2 Adds 1 blue die to medicine checks. Grants 1 stimpack per scene
Handscanner 0 Adds 1 blue die to checks where such a device would be helpful.
Holomessenger 0 Allows recordings of small holographic projections
Stimpacks (2) 0 Recovers 5 wounds on first use and then 1 less per further use to a minimum of 0
Padded Armor (Integrated) 3 Grants +2 to soak


Type Magnitude
Bounty (Koono Vas is looking for me!) 25
Teemo the Hut is mad we stole a ship 10

Credits: 500
EXP: 5



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