It is 5 years after the end of the Clone Wars.

The Emperor is at the height of his power.

The Rebellion is a whisper on the air.

At the edge of the galaxy there is a paradise forged by mystery and quenched in intrigue. This Elysium is surrounded by four black holes – the Pillars of Shadow. These dangerous elements ensure that hyperspace travel to the system is all but impossible without the assistance of updated coordinates from the system’s central space station. Thus, Halcyon has been and continues to be, a smuggler’s paradise; an unregulated market for crime and larceny.

The forces of the Empire, limited by the remote location of the system, are stretched thin. Even the crack troops of the brilliant Moff Katrin Zhann cannot be everywhere at once.

The forces of the Void Syndicate overseen by the brutal Shri’ara T’Lok, long sense the dominate presence in the system are engaged in a slow war of attrition with the Black Suns lead by the shrewd and ruthless Bothan crime lord Rhyss ir’Verren.

Meanwhile the smirking CEO of the Halcyon Trade Consortium, ruling from the island paradise of Drazen seeks to exterminate the proud warriors of the Doshq in the humid jungles of the first planet of the system.

Meanwhile on Shaddoth, in the vaunted city of Alamut – city of masks, the faceless ranks of the Shadiq play their centuries old games of dominance and power; presiding over the largest slave market in the galaxy. Finally, at the bottom of it all, Corin Fox of the Freemen does what he can to protect the innocents trapped in this never ending game of power and shadows. Still despite its problems, the system offers a brand of freedom unheard of in the galaxy at large, and remains a safe haven for those cunning enough to make their living on the edge of the Empire.

Star Wars: Halcyon Dawn

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