Star Wars: Halcyon Dawn

Halcyon Dawn: The Last Flight of the Bitch Queen
Session 1

Somewhere on the edge of space…

Ren Savoy, M3D-1C, Genevieve Sindhu, and Grayak (Half Claw), the crew of the Bitch Queen, have escaped the clutches of the vile gangster Teemo the Hutt. In the ensuing battle, The Bitch Queen, was heavily damaged by Teemo’s fighters. Using the last of the vessel’s power, the crew made a jump to the Halcyon system.

Struggling to reach the vaunted city of Alamut, the ship crash landed into the planet Shaddoth. No sooner had the crew conducted a through inspection of the damages, they were attacked by mad slavers, members of the insidious Wings of Ifrit. However, the Ifreti were no match for the superior firepower and determination of the heros.

After the battle, the crew were approached by Corin Fox, commander of the small settlement of Freeport, and his bodyguards Twitch and Vang. In exchange for the crew engaging, Content Not Found: Cedron-Tavus, regional vice president of The Halcyon Trade Consortium in a negotiation over a geological survey, Fox and Freeport agreed to provide the crew with lodgings and towing services for their damaged vessel.

As the heroes rest the night in Freeport, a chilling wind blows across the desert wastes of Shaddoth…


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