Ren Savoy

Captain of the Bitch Queen


Tall, lithe, and pretty: Ren is


Character Name: Ren Savoy
Species: Human
Career: Smuggler
Specialization Trees: Scoundrel
Soak: 2 (3)
Defense: 1
Wound Threshold: 12
Strain Threshold: 12


Brawn: 2
Agility: 3
Intellect: 2
Cunning: 3
Willpower: 2
Presence: 2

General Skills

Skill Name Key Characteristic Career? Ranks
Astrogation Int 0
Athletics Br 0
Charm Pr X 0
Coerce Will 0
Computers Int 0
Cool Pr X 1
Coordination Ag X 0
Deceit Cun X 1
Discipline Will 0
Leadership Pr 0
Mechanics Int 0
Medicine Int 0
Negotiation Int 0
Perception Cun X 0
Pilot – Planet Ag 0
Pilot – Space Ag X 2
Resilience Br 0
Skulduggery Cun X 1
Stealth Ag 1
Streetwise Cun X 1
Survival Cun 0
Surveillance Int 0
Vigilance Will X 0

Combat Skills

Skill Name Key Characteristic Career? Ranks
Brawl Br X 0
Gunnery Ag 0
Melee Br 0
Ranged – Light Ag X 2
Ranged – Heavy Ag 0

Knowledge Skills

Skill Name Key Characteristic Career? Ranks
Core Worlds Int 0
Education Int 0
Lore Int 0
Outer Rim Int 1
Underworld Int X 1
Xenology Int 0
Other Int 0


Name Rank Function Page
Black Market Contacts 1 When purchasing illegal goods may reduce rarity by 1 per rank,
increase cost by 50% per raise
Convincing Demeanor 1 Remove 1 black die per rank for deceit or skulduggery tests 58
Rapid Reaction 1 Spend a number of strain to add an equal number of successes on
Quick Strike 1 Add 1 blue die per rank when attacking targets that have not yet acted 58

Gear and Equipment

Max Encumbrance: 7
Total Encumbrance: 5


Weapon Damage Crit Range Special Encumbrance
Blaster Pistol 6 3 Medium Stun Setting 1
Blaster Pistol 6 3 Medium Stun Setting 1

Other Gear

Item Encumbrance Special
Armored clothing 3 +1 to soak, +1 to defense. Average perception check to notice the armor


Type Magnitude
Bounty (Father) 15
Criminal (ISB) 10



Ren is a Smuggler. He’s developed a rather strong relationship with the Hutts over the last few years. He appeared on the scene near Tattooine about seven years ago and built a reputation as a smuggler and a skilled pilot. Though every now and again he makes oddly kind decisions that don’t make him any money.

As is he’s a good smuggler and a fair captain. It’s pretty obvious that he just wants to keep his head down and make a living. Keeping as free from Imperial control as he can. Little is known about the guy beyond that. Good sense of humor. Dislikes the Empire as much as any freedom loving person would.

Ren Savoy

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